Harry Jay is an RnB/ soul/ funk artist, grown in the suburbs of Washington DC, now located in Boston, Massachusetts. A saucy performer, Harry Jay has a knack for catchy, soulful hooks, and dreamy neo-soul harmonies that are sure to captivate listeners of every genre. Dubbed “yacht-hop,” this unique style of music draws influence from the likes of Steely Dan, Marvin Gaye, The Roots, and Anderson Paak. among others, and has caught the attention of music- enthusiasts all throughout the northeast. Harry Jay’s first solo single “Tribeca Falls,” embodies powerful storytelling, songwriting, and utilizes much of Harry Jay’s noted 4+ octave vocal range. “The musical love child of Steely Dan and Jamiroquai” (earbits radio), Harry Jay is sure to continue making his funky, new imprint on Rnb music throughout the world.

Harry Jay is endorsed by Moniker Guitars and Proteusco Clothing.


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